1975 Beech 58 Baron

1959 Cessna 310C, N1181F, Serial Number 35971

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Matterhorn White Base, Vivid Red, Dark Gray*


Gray Moon Vinyl Seat Trim with Cool Oxford Wool Fabric Inserts, Chalet Gray Carpet, Eclipse Lighthouse Headliner.** 


Two Crew Seats, Two Place Aft Bench Seat


Total Time Airframe:

3380.3 Hours

Total Time Left Engine:

165.5 Hours Since Overhaul

Total Time Right Engine:

288.4 Hours Since Overhaul

Total Time Left Propeller:

128.0 Hours Since New

Total Time Right Propeller:

128.0 Hours Since New



Annual Due:

July 2006 (Complied July 27, 2005 @ 3378.7 Hours)

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Avionics Consisting Of:  



King KMA-24 Audio Panel with Three Light Marker Beacon Receiver



King KY-196 Com Transceiver (720 Channels)



King KN-53 Navigation Receiver with 40 Channel Glideslope Receiver



King KX-155 Nav/Com with KI-208 VOR/LOC #2 Navigation Indicator



King KI-209 VOR/LOC/GS Indicator #1 Navigation Indicator



King KN-64 DME



King KT-76A Transponder



ACK A-30 Encoding Altimeter



King KR-87 ADF with KI-227 Indicator



Insight Strikefinder Weather Detection System



STEC 60-2 Autopilot with Automatic Electric Trim



Apollo 612B Loran "C" Navigation System







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Left and Right Landing Lights


Taxi Light


133 Gallon Fuel Capacity


Cabin Heater


Co-Pilot Control Wheel


Co-Pilot Rudder Pedals


Safe Flight Stall Warning System


Ground Service Plug


Dual Gill G25 Batteries


STC SA0140A National Air Parts Alternator Conversion


STC SA00799CH Hartzell Propeller Conversion


STC SA6150 Turbo-Mod, Inc. Underwing Exhaust and Aft Nacelle Fairings


STC SA7777SW-D Stec-60 Automatic Electric Trim System


STC SA00079NY Airwolf Filter Corporation Engine Oil Filter






Engine Data:


Engine Type:

Continental IO-470-D - 1500 Hour TBO

Engine Serial Numbers:


Left Engine:

75411-9-D - Installed 10/16/97 @ 3214.8 Hours

Right Engine:

75423-9-D - Installed 3/06/96 @ 3091.9 Hours

Left Engine Compression

@ Annual Inspection: 74 / 72 / 72 / Repaired / Repaired / 74

Right Engine Compression

@ Annual Inspection: 68 / 69 / 72 / 73 / 77 / 76

 Engines Overhauled by

Triad Aviation, Inc.,
Burlington Municipal Airport
3439 South Aviation Drive
Burlington, NC 27215

Propeller Data:


Propeller Type:

Hartzell Two-Bladed, Model HC-C2YF-2CUF

Propeller Blade Model:


Left Propeller Hub Serial Number:


Left Propeller Blade Serial Numbers:






Right Propeller Hub Serial Number:


Right Propeller Blade Serial Numbers:



Installed May 1, 2001 @ 3252.3 Hours



6 Years / 2400 Hours Recommended TBO


Operating Weights:


Empty Weight:

3326.60 Pounds


Fuel Capacity (Usable):

780.00 Pounds


Useful Load:

1503.40 Pounds


Maximum Takeoff Weight:

4830.00 Pounds


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Fuel Cells Replacement:
Right Tip Tank Replaced February 20,2004 @ 3349.9 Hours
Right Auxiliary Tank Replaced February 20,2004 @ 3349.9 Hours
Glass Replacement:
Pilot Window, Pilot Vent, Co-Pilot Window, Left and Right Outside Passenger Windows, Left and Right Inside Passenger Windows replaced December 24, 2001 @ 3265.0 Hours.


FAR 91.411 Complied August 1, 2003 - Due August 2005  
FAR 91.413 Complied August 1, 2003 - Due August 2005  
FAR 91.207d (ELT Battery) Complied July 27, 2005 @ 3378.9 Hours  
- Due May 31, 2007  

Cabin Heater Information:
Heater Overhauled November 6, 1996 @ 3168.2 Hours


Painted with U.S. Paint by Blue Sky Aviation, 1356 Tory Hill Drive, Loris, SC 29569
December 15, 2001 @ 3265.0 Hours. Paint Colors are Matterhorn White Base (G8003), Vivid Red (G7367) and Dark Gray (G1344).
Interior by Blue Sky Aviation, 1356 Tory Hill Drive, Loris, SC 29569 December 24, 2001 @ 3265.0 Hours.




Damage Incidents:

Original aircraft logbooks were destroyed by fire at the Gray's Creek Airport, Fayetteville, NC on or about June 28, 1994. There was no damage to the aircraft.
October 14, 1964. Research of FAA Form 337's received from the Federal Aviation Administration revealed repair work performed to the aircraft by Walston Aviation, East Alton, Illinois. Review of the work performed would indicate the aircraft most likely received damage due to the collapse of the right main landing gear.

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